Q:  I’m not enrolled in Physiology but rather a different science program; can I still be part of PhysioMP?
A:  Thank you for your interest, however it is a strict requirement for PhysioMP that mentors and mentees have been enrolled in a(n): 1) Physiology major, minor, or specialist POSt (undergraduate stream); or 2) MSc or PhD Program in Physiology (graduate stream).  There are event overlaps within the Departmental student associations, so we  hope to see you there!

Q:  My mentor/mentee is unresponsive; what should I do?
A:  Try following up! They might have just missed your email by accident.
If this persists, please email the Program Coordinators

Q:  I discovered PhysioMP late and the registration deadline has passed.  Can I still register for this year?
A:  Please email us directly to see if special accommodations are possible at this time.  

Q:  Do mentees get CCR credit?
A:  Yes! Both mentor AND mentee positions are eligible to be recognized for CCR credit. To see how you can qualify, check out the Program Requirements

Q:  When will I receive my CCR credit?
A:  CCR accreditation by the Mentorship Resource Centre goes throughout the summer months (July & August).

Q:  How can I provide feedback about the program?
A:  Feel free to email us anytime!  Additionally, there will be an end-of-year survey (and a chance to receive a free Starbucks gift card!).

Q:  How can I stay connected?
A: We are on both Facebook and Twitter! In addition, feel free to email us at physiomp.uoft@gmail.com

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!  🙂