Welcome to PhysioMP

Physiology Mentorship Program (PhysioMP) is a peer mentorship program in the Department of Physiology at the University of Toronto, and consists of two separate streams in order to provide both undergraduate and graduate students with a peer mentorship experience:

  • Undergraduate (U)PhysioMP-U pairs incoming 2nd-year students into the Department of Physiology with mentors who are upper year undergraduate Physiology students (3rd and up). Through mentorship, the goal is to promote smoother integration for new students into the Physiology community by familiarizing them with the wide range of opportunities & resources, as well as fostering a fulfilling sense of community within the Department.

Program spans from October to March. 

  • Graduate (G)PhysioMP-G pairs new MSc or direct-entry PhD students with mentors who are current MSc or PhD students, and have been with the Graduate Department of Physiology for over one year. The objective is to better acclimatize new students to their graduate program and laboratory work culture. Additionally, mentorship promotes cordiality and a sense of collaboration within the Department, which are key aspects of research in academia.

Program spans from October to May.

Through the mentorship program, mentees gain familiarity with resources and opportunities available under the guidance of their mentor, who will obtain a CCR credit and an invaluable experience within the Physiology department.